No tricks, no lifts, no drops, no show steps. Just good social tango, as it's danced in the clubs of Buenos Aires.

PLEASE NOTE: These classes end March 28th. For more classes, see the Visiting Teachers page!
Single class fees are payable by cash or check. Class cards and private lessons can be paid with a credit card for your convenience. Singles and couples are welcome at all group classes. Dress casually and comfortably for classes. Ladies, if you wear a skirt or dress, please don't wear a very long one. I need to see your feet. Shoes with a leather sole are preferable, so you can pivot without straining your ankles and knees. A basic man's dress shoe with a leather sole is fine. It's helpful if the ladies wear at least a small heel, and that your shoe be supportive and not "floppy." A super-high heel is not necessary. If you don't have the right shoes, come anyway and you can get the proper shoes later.



Saturday, March 28th--Linda's Last Group Class--All Levels!

3:30 - 5 pm

This class focuses on concepts and elements for dancing on the social floor. A concept/element will be taught at a simple level for Level 1 & 2 (Beginner and Advanced Beginner) dancers, and a more complex version with variations will be taught for the Level 3 (Intermediate) dancers. Special emphasis on good technique, improvisation and musicality.

At Hollywood Dance Center, 817 No. Highland Ave, Los Angeles 90038

(1-1/2 blocks north of Melrose. Free street parking on both sides of Highland and in any of the spaces behind the studio and adjacent buildings on that block. Do not park in the Frazee Paint lot. )

$18 per person


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Milongas TANGO MIO MILONGA AT CANDELA (formerly Leonardo's)

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